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Digicto Putrahost

Personal and Business Web Application for domains, web hosting, email and personal virtual server. Special Support available.

Digicto vLib

Visit our eletronic knowledge management application, namely vLib to help you to store your knowledge in our database.

Digicto vBiz

Digicto vBiz is a customer management application where you can store accounting ledger, customer conversation and more.

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We Help Everybody Move Forward In The Digital Era

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Digicto comes to help everybody to realizing and digitalizing their ideas, so let the world notice about you. The internet presence is the strongest strategy people should embrace for the long term reputation development. Start today, and stay consistent. Digicto tries to bring digitalization in your work, at the affordable price with reliable hardware and software. So let us advise.

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How We Do

Our inspiration just not focusing on what you offer to your clients. It is about what we can help you to offer to your clients. We pledge our best support to work with you to achieve what you dream in your way.

We Are Team

Feel like a family, we move together. We provide knowledge-based experiences to our clients.

Solid Experiences

We provide the best from our experiences to help you to get the best in your digital needs.

Advance Technology

We offer latest technology, the best practices for current digital ace to save on our clients.

Celebrating Ideas

Cloud experience for your website or email





We assist your web needs

Digicto offers wide range, latest technology of webhosting and email hosting to support your business. We offer web hosting package with enhanced features such as SSD NVME where it improve your website accessibility 10x faster.

We offer additional domain features such as 2 free business email, DNS management and etc.

We offer data center closes to your location, such as Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Amsterdam and Melbourne.

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