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At Digicto, we offer a digital knowledge platform for our member. We developed a simple yet powerful web application to let you manage your knowledge. Do not waste your piece information recieved in PDF virtual books by uploading them to Digicto vLib. We enhance your reading experience with our 3D digital flipbook.

Digital information is intangible, hard to manage and hard to trace. During our working hours, we refered and produce a lot of information. Digicto vLib fills the gaps between your knowledge and your digital life style. WE let you upload to our database and server your ebook, so that it will become a virtual books that gives your the feel reading books, any time you prefered.

Personalize Experiences

Digicto offers a platform to personalize your virtual library to give you a digital space of knowledge.

Digital Flip Technology

Digicto offers flip book experience while browsing information on pdf. It just like reading a real book!

Free Membership

Digicto offers free membership for a start. Should you need more space, increase your cloud limit with small fee.

Intellectual and executive companion

Digicto vLib suitable for personal with knowledge anagement interest such as lecturer, students and professors. We also focus our commitment to executives that need to refer to the PDF documentation to fulfill their works. With all you need access, we provide strong virtual hardware infrastructure to support our application. We aims to upgrade the resources and we hope you could support us by subsribing to our service.

Structured, reliable and systematic

Digicto currently offer one of its best modue, private virtual library. This module helps you to upload your PDFs and store it in our cloud memory. We also equipped our application with state-of-the-art 3D flipbook from our vendor to ensure real virtual experience in reading books.

We developed a dashboard to let you manage your virtual books, updating info and so on. The interface using modern style and look, jQuery technology backed with PHP scripting for simple and elegent application. We maintain the simplicity of our interface to suit everybody.

More to come. Yes, we have plenty of modules to come in future to uphold our virtual library concept. From publication to virtual books sales and purchase. Wait until it coming.

Our Platform

Easy and traditional way of managing information. Yes, we still have the web for you. Every morning, log on to publish your work here.

PDF Only

Explore the power of portable document format for standardization. Just use your word processing to convert to PDF.

Powerful Control

All you need for publishing information. Upload and Share. From our control panel, you may see the usage statistics

Flip Book Capability

All PDFs viewed using 3D flipping tool using web HTML5 technology. It makes your reading experience just like reading a book.


Our platform uses integrated engine to search over title, abstract and keywords of the information. Never missed a book again.

Future E-Commerce

Our future in making capability. Digicto aims to offer a platform to let our member to commercially share their PDF.

Fast & Simple

Our simple to use application, stright forward in term of flow, make this application easy to use.

Why registereing with Us?

We are information scientists that provide space to mange your information.

It's Free

Digicto Standard Membership starts with free. With a membership, you may upload your ebook in your account and get it back from your knowledge valley.

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Support Many Languages

Digicto vLib uses PDF as intermediater for the user. We support left to right scripting such as in Arabic or Persian. The flipbook will applied RTL.

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We Expending

Our application comes with the flexibility in mind in order to ensure its freshness and evolution. We have plenty plan ahead to make your digital world so much fun.

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