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At Digicto, we offer a digital document platform for our member. Start manage your information effectively and share them with world. Our digital platform let you easily acquire information in PDF, publish information, public reports and etc, and share it with the other member. Create your own information legacy today. Our platform is free for the reader. We enhance your reading experience with our 3D digital flipbook.

Managing information naver been easy. Everyday, everybody publish a piece of information either on social media platform or blogs. With Digicto, you may publish your work usng the platform, let people hook to it and save it to their shelf. From government entity, private company to a single self-pulisher, you may use our platform to publish your work. Let them stright away contact you for feedback. So, everybody should have one account with us!

Personalize Experiences

Digicto offers a platform to personalize your page so that people will follow your work.

Digital Flip Technology

Digicto offers flip book experience while browsing information on pdf. It just like reading a book!

Free Membership

Digicto offers free membership for a start. Should you need an advance feature, subscribe for a premium.

Intellectual Companion that Connect the world

Compile and share. Yes, don't let your information, knowledge and data just in your computer. Convert it to PDF and share with the world. Digicto platform offers flexibility to search over intellectual work all around the world. The science of inofrmation management could be applied and connected to ensure people are sharing wisdom knowledge and the future.

Structured, reliable and systematic

Digicto offers two type of information, namely info valley and info entity. Information valley offer a place where the people can share others work with other member. The work must be freely obtained and not infringed any distribution rights or have any legal issues.

For Info Entity, Digicto tries its best to provide legitimate publication from the publisher. the publisher must verified their information including entity establishment and individual identity verification.

Our commitments to ensure the information stored in our application is safe and reviewed by other member. Tagging approach used to let our user to flag a publiscation should it not appropriate for other user.

Our Platform

Easy and traditional way of managing information. Yes, we still have the web for you. Every morning, log on to publish your work here.

PDF Only

Explore the power of portable document format for standardization. Just use your word processing to convert to PDF.

Powerful Control

All you need for publishing information. Upload and Share. From our control panel, you may see the usage statistics

Flip Book Capability

All PDFs viewed using 3D flipping tool using web HTML5 technology. It makes your reading experience just like reading a book.


Our platform uses integrated engine to search over title, abstract and keywords of the information. Never missed a book again.

Future E-Commerce

Our future in making capability. Digicto aims to offer a platform to let our member to commercially share their PDF.

Own Library

Digicto will become your digital library, that connected with other members. Just like a home library.

Why registereing with Us?

We are information scientists that provide space to mange your information.

It's Free

Digicto Standard Membership starts with free. With a membership, you may save a preferred e-document in your bag and share information in Info Valley. Should you want to publish your own work, you may publish up to 3 publication for free.

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Web-based Apps

Digicto developed with web technologies to ensure its reliability and accessibility. It hosted on open source technology to keep the maintenance effectively serving people. This strong key keep Digicto fresh everyday.

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We Support You

Have anything to suggest, please let us know. Visit our FB page to share your thoughts and to gain support. We would like to thank you for your interest to be part of our partnership. We just offer the platform, but publication is yours.

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Our target of PDFs shared within 2 years. Help us to achieve this!

Our CLients

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