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A managed email hosting platform that facilitates choice, simplicity, and performance. All this is backed by caring expert support so that you stay focused on what you do best, win as an individual and succeed as a business.
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Powerful Solution

We focused on open-source for strong community support for reliability in services.

Cloud Technology

Our server centered in Singapore for better serving southeast asia region.

High Deliverability

Sending your email with high success in deliverability with world class relay provider.

Spam Protection

Our spam protection covers your important email, yet protect you against spammers.

Cloud locations

The global reach and the local presence you need

Dallas, USA

Get the most of the datacenter in the world with USA data center for its reliability.


Best location for data center serving southeast asia region. Singapore is on of the best data center location in the world.
Solutions For Every Business

Focused on Asia Business

  • Run Without Surprises
    Running on cloud instances with NVME as performance SSD with almost 100% uptime.
  • Perfect for small business
    Our plan support nicely small business in southeast asia with afforable price ranges.
  • Predictable Performance
    Our spam protection services keep your important email and protect you again spammers.
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Strong support & Deliverability

Powerful Relay Solution

Our services support open-source technology with the professional, world class relay services to ensure your email just arrived to its destination in split seconds.
  • Managed Email
  • Enterprise Webmail
  • World Class relay
  • Continous support
  • Dedicated Available
  • Backup
  • Snapshot
  • Firewall
  • Flexible routing
  • DDos protection
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Corporate email pricing

30 days money back guarantee with full refund.
Per month, paid RM360 yearly
Good for starting company
  • 25GB email space
  • 5 mailbox
  • 5GB maximum mailbox size
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unmatered bandwidth
  • 8-12 vCPU VPS server
  • NVME Performance Disk
  • Free Setup
Per month, paid RM600 yearly
Suitable for company with 5-10 personnel
  • 50GB email space
  • 10 mailbox
  • 5GB max mailbox size
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unmatered bandwidth
  • 8-12 vCPU VPS server
  • NVME Performance Disk
  • Free Setup
Per month, RM960 paid yearly
Good for company with 50 personnel
  • 100GB email space
  • 50 mailbox
  • Flexible mailbox size
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 8-12 vCPU VPS server
  • NVME Performance Disk
  • Free Setup

Need a dedicated mail server?

A powerful infrastructure solution for corporate emails.

Exclusive Solution

All resources for the cloud instance is dedicated to your company usage.

480GB Space, 32GB RAM

Get Plenty room for your emails with unlimited numbers of mailboxes

Managed Services

Digicto will setup and managed updates for your email servers software and ubuntu updates.


We deliver to you a sustainable future by helping you define where and how you wish to grow.  And then we make that happen, together with you.

Digicto offers reliable email server solution for SMEs.

1. Open Source Technology
2. Cloud Instances
3. Powerful Relay
4. Flexible Email Size
5. VPS Cloud Standard
6. Focus on Asia business
7. Professional Calendar
8. Rspamd Protection
9. Antivirus
10. Powered by SOGo Groupware
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1. Getting started

Do you work with non-profit organizations?
Why do I need a corporate email system. I'm already have free email somewhere else?
I don't have any knowledge of using the technology. How Can I participate in this program?
How we could buy a email system, how can we afford that?
Is Digicto services secured?

2. Technology

What email technology used in Digicto Email Program
How about the platform?
How to use your email program
Can I used my smartphone to access email?
Do your email program can support delivery to all email servers?
Can I use my email to send marketing emails?


Do you offer free domain?
Do you offer Pay Later solution for your services?
How to pay?
Do you offer any COVID-19 relief cause?
How about support?
Do you offer web design service?
Digicto gives us more value in email hosting, responsive and reliable services to support our daily operation. It help us to keep our digital overhead cost at the lowest in our experience.
Abdillah Mohammad
Protube Services Sdn Bhd [[email protected]]
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We're happy to help

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We will setup all the necessary for you domain and make your email system ready to send and recieve emails.


Use, feel and believe yourself first for 14 days for migrating users. You may cancel at no cost on your side.


We will setup your email web gateway access at your domain to make you access look more professional and exclusive.

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