Digital Islamic Content Output

Digicto offers wide range of Islamic internet based services including ready to use web application, hosting and technical support over your online needs. Join us or contact us for more.

Versatile App Features

We develop application from for personal use and business needs. All you need just an internet access and a laptop. The application offers a professional, complete functioning tools to store your data and information..

Simple & Neat Interface

Application with solid HTML5 interface to simplify your task.

Fully Functional

We tested our application before open it to our user.

Business Specialty

Our product and services curved greatly for business and commercial needs

Digicto Nur

Our state of the art, personal digital application for Muslim, namely "Digicto Nur". It is a personal internet space for ibadah, daily task and knowledge management for Muslim.

The application offer data and knowledge management for your solat, fasting, al-Quran and hadith and also personal knowledge library.

Digicto Biz

We designed a business application for your small business needs. It easy to use and have plenty functions that will suite your business, and its start with free. It vast business experience for your business' needs including accounting, product management, point of sales interface and human resources management. Join us today.

Free Business Application
For Impactful Business

It does not matters, how big your business, it start with a good governance with a good system. As per al-Quran mentioned, everybody need to keep records of everything accordingly, including your debts, this application will serve you a better point for your business. Without cost.

Time bound functionalities

Speed-up your business effectiveness and to ensure the quickest access to your data.

It Secured Accordingly

The application hosted on a secured environment with SSL connections and cloud protection.

Installation-free Apps

No need to install. Just use it over your internet connection.

Digicto Iqra

Digicto Iqra is a simple, yet powerful al-Quran recitation web application which allow you to listen to the Quran recitation by almost every famous imam in the world. It will displays al-Quran verse and its translation by the time the imam recites the verse. It simple and powerful in order to help you to understand the meaning of the ayah for your tadabbur lesson.

Get Hosted with Digicto MyHost

Designed to host your web needs. Multiple choices of web hosting experiences from linux hosting, windows hosting, domain registration and SSL certificates.